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Discover why brands are choosing over Iterable as their customer engagement platform. Set up and run campaigns seamlessly without burdening engineering teams. Our data-first approach makes leveraging your data in messages, automation, and segments effortless—eliminating the need to jump through multiple hoops.

Experience a superior workflow-building experience, flexible data modeling, world-class support, and integrated multi-channel strategies without surprise overages. Engage customers throughout the entire lifecycle, not just at the top of the funnel. Effortlessly create cohesive campaigns spanning in-app, push, SMS, email, and webhooks within one workflow.

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Top reasons companies choose us over Iterable Iterable
Product trial Only offered for big prospects
Webhook-triggered campaigns
Unlimited data points
Batch updates
Data collections
Unlimited user seats Additional fees apply
Workflow metrics
In-app, SMS, and push Additional fees apply
Custom objects
Connected forms
Connected forms Only available for Facebook

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Unlike Braze, you can sign up for a
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Built for scale

Designed for global enterprise companies with hundreds of millions of users.

Unlimited data

Store and use as much data as you need, with unlimited events, attributes, and triggers. Send all your data out of at no extra charge.

Scale, flex, and innovate



Platform uptime

Customer satisfaction score

Designed for universal usability, our platform minimizes operational overhead, ensuring maximum ROI for brands of all sizes.



Daily API calls

Messages sent in 2023



Webhooks sent in 2023

Global support coverage


How wins

Multi-channel messaging

Orchestrate campaigns across email, SMS, in-app, push, and webhooks—all within one central platform. Perform robust A/B and multivariate testing. Iterable's limited multivariate testing capabilities can reduce the effectiveness of performance measurement.

Data-powered marketing

Unlock powerful features such as custom objects and webhook-triggered campaigns for unlimited data activation. Iterable imposes limits on event storage and doesn't offer custom objects, reducing flexibility in message automation.

Cost effective

Choose for cost-effective marketing with unlimited data and flexible payment options. In addition to premium pricing, Iterable adds implementation fees and up-charges for API calls, additional attributes, data storage, and events. 


Preferred byproduct-led companies has grown and surpassed Zwift’s needs over the years. Their tireless commitment to agile improvements to the platform has helped us to drive engagement through personalized and timely communications with our community.

Jonathan Walton

CRM Manager at Zwift

With the flexibility and interoperability of we’ve been able to build some truly insane and elaborate onboarding flows. If a colleague asks me if can do something cool, no matter what they ask my immediate answer is always, “Yes. Yes it can.” I love always having the answers! 

Ammon Brown

VP of Growth at has been a critical part of our onboarding process since the very early days of Segment. From the 43-minute founder email, which has allowed us to stay in contact with everyone who signed up, to much more complex challenges today.

Ilya Volodarsky

Co-Founder & President of Segment

Security you can trust

Stay compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, SOC 2 Type II, CCPA, and other regulations. 

Set rules to proactively block restricted personal data.

Keep data safe by restricting access by user role.

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